IDIBI Firearm Solutions Gun Shop

Firearm Sales

On site gunshop where we stock the best and latest firearms at competetive prices.

Large selection of Handguns, Shotguns, Semi Auto Rifles and more.

Come down to the range and have a feel for them and recieve expert advice on which firearm is suited for you.

Accessories and equipment

  • Cleaning kits, maintenance toolkits
  • Hard kydex and leather holsters
  • Shoulder holsters and inside waistband
  • Leather, woven belts and slings
  • Rifle and handgun bags
  • Flash lights and clip on torches
  • Rifle stands
  • Shooting rests and x bags
  • Canvas products
  • And so much more…

Air soft,pellet guns and accessories

CO2 Powered Guns 
This is a good way of buying a recoilless gun at a cheap price. They use small 12 gram CO2 cannisters or paintball bottels.  No recoil and bolt action cocking makes them popular with beginners, younger shooters and shooters who struggle with the weight of a spring rifle.

  •  CO2 Gas Cannisters
  • Spring Piston driven rifles
  • Daisy outlet
  • Steel ball bullets
  • Pistols and rifles available
  • Reactive targets
  • And more…

Knives and Holsters

  • Large selection of knives on display.
  • Magnum
  • Boker
  • Spyderco
  • Hand made knives and hammers
  • Cytac Holster for various pistols
  • Glock 17,19,21,43 etc….
  • CZ P07, P09, P10C
  • Barretta Px4storm,92fs, etc.
  • Taurus PT111, G2C Millenium
  • Fast Draw , Thumb release, Index finger release, Mini guard, inside and outside waistband.

Reloading equipment

Quality reloading equipment is a must have for any marksman worth his salt.

To change that 1 inch grouping into a 1/4 inch is the dream. We sell quality reloading equipment which include dies, deburring tools, bullet pullers and presses.

And what is reloading without the cartridges itself?We stock a variety of bullets, primers and cases.

We also help with reloading advice and can help you achieve that tight grouping you need.